Finger Car

It’s new, it’s unique, and it is more than a toy car.

It’s new, it’s unique, and it is more than a toy car.

The Finger Car is unique because of the two separate axles and because you are steering the car with your finger, so you can create new moves and styles of driving. That’s new for a toy car.

But it’s more than a toy car. You steer it with your finger which is in a hollow in the car for giving it a certain stability. By moving the Finger Car, fine motor function is trained, and the ability to concentrate is improved as well as the agility of the finger and hand is practiced. We are always focused on the game while controlling the movement of the car, which unpleasant thoughts are forgotten and for the time being you are relaxed. The interaction and the communication of both sides of the brain are supported by playing two Finger Cars at the same time, one with the left and one with the right hand. Our brain gets trained while playing and we maintain our mental health.

How to get the Finger Car moving?

The Finger Car has a little hollow on the top. You put your finger in the hollow to move and steer the car. By clever movements, the car is steered to the left and to the right, but the special effect of this Finger Cars construction is it has two separate axles. According to the direction of the axles, the car drives to the that direction. Driving straight requires high concentration and sensitivity. But that is the purpose of the Finger Car, to learn to drive the car in different ways and quickly on the road or certain lines.

In addition, you get a puzzle road which looks like the number 8, which gives space to perform tricks.

The idea

There is a puzzle road as a basic model which you can drive the car after putting it together. The driver decides about the level of difficulty. Racing to measure time could increase the fun factor. You can practice and correct yourself playfully in motor skills and in movement coordination. The Finger Car should be used by each finger of both hands because nearly every finger demands other parts of the muscular system. The motor activity should be learned and raises the concentration.

A game for all generations

The child isn’t subjected to overstimulation, but it can switch off and focus on the game itself. Many important parts of the brain get to practice, and creativity is supported, that means that the child is neither unchallenged nor overtaxed because he/she decides the intensity of the level of difficulty.

As an adult, the game can be relaxing. Body and mind are harmonized after stressful situations. You can use it everywhere and you can also use it to calm down in short breaks at your desk.

As you get older in age, it is important to stimulate the brain because it is responsible for maintaining the body, mind and quality of life. The Finger Car is training the hand and finger muscles and is maintaining the ability to concentrate.

The Finger Car is a product for all ages, all age group profits from many advantages, also with different intensity.

Finger Car = Relaxation

One of the most important advantage of the Finger Car is that you can reduce the stress while playing and you can harmonize your body and soul. It is also fascinating and incredible at the same time to discover new movements. We are totally focused on trying and learning many driving moves, so there is no space for bad and negative thoughts in our brain. Within a second, you start to relax. That is also important after stressful situations and with the Finger Car, we are reducing and/or forgetting the stress, that means we are concentrated and fit for new exercises.

Finger Car: From a toy to a design article

To give a toy for all generations, we offer the Finger Car in many different variations. The Finger Car is essentially a toy for children who are stable and have many features (See our creative product). This is also for used for ergo therapy or in rehab.

Our product range for adults contains high class, natural and special designs each with a high-grade design product in many colors, painting, and motives.

These Finger Cars can be used at your desk as a decoration, but the applications still stay.

It is more than a toy car. It needs many years of research and a sheltered construction plan to offer all advantages of a Finger Car in every stage of life.


A product with so many advantages is a perfect merchandising product for companies and institutions. Give your costumers a gift which combines a game, fun, and health. This gift connects you with your costumer in a funny and positive way. A new innovation with a permanent impression.

Custom Designs
Custom Designs are possible.

Trihorse Finger Car in action

Trihorse Finger Car Nature

Trihorse Finger Car on Office Desk

Trihorse Finger Car Paint on Paper Track

Trihorse Finger Car Total

Trihorse Fingercar & Painting

Trihorse Fingercar & Puzzle Track