Our Mission

We all want our children to become responsible human beings with the ability to develop their talents.
In addition to a happy family life and a reasonable education, good toys are essential to this process.

However, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and other electronics and digital media, made of plastic, glass and metal have taken the place of toys.

These “substitute toys” are usually very entertaining, but often in very questionable ways.

In addition, it has been proven that children as well as adults form a dependency on electronic devices.
In most cases, they do not promote creativity in a child, nor do they allow a child to develop an emotional attachment to his/her toy.

Our mission is to give children, real, constructive toys perfectly suitable for children that support their development, whole promoting creativity and imagination.

Our products are not only toys but also have great educational value.

Among others, they support motor coordination and the coordination between observation and physical processes. All while being fun.

Made in Europe and mostly handcrafted with the highest quality woods, fantastic designs, and features, we have developed our products for children for more than 20 years.

Our toys and gifts are timeless and can deliver pure joy and entertainment, no matter what ethnicity you are, where you are from or what language you speak.

All products are small works of art that bring beautiful, colorful aesthetics to every nursery or playroom.

This is our contribution to a more harmonious development of your child.

And this our mission.

Best regards,

Norbert Heuser


In our production, we use only environmentally-friendly processes. We care about a healthy environment for our children and the next generations to come. The toys should play a major part in this.

Safe for health

Children’s health is a priority for all of us. All the material we use is 100% safe for health without compromising quality.

Entertain and develop

It is our belief and mission that play and learning must go hand in hand. Our toys bring joy and entertainment. Furthermore, our toys support growth in children’s creativity, motor skills, and imagination.

Dedicated Craftsmanship

We follow our guideline of dedicated craftsmanship. Our products are made in Europe mostly by hand. Our toys have soul and uniqueness.